New Mexican, Ceramicist, Painter, Origami Lover and Art Educator


That's what I am. Nice to meet you. And welcome to our new website! It's been a long time coming in more ways than one. I'm a ceramicist. Noah, my handsome and talented husband, is a chef. Combine my passion and his, and you get artisanal dinnerware.

As you'll see, I like making all of kinds of things. And we sell them at Pop-Ups and markets whenever we can. But I really want to focus on combining what I do with what you do as a chef, restauranteur or cafe owner. It's one of those things were the sum is greater than the parts. I would love to help you extend your artistry and vision in a way that your customers will recognize, appreciate and remember. And it's affordable.  

I'll be sharing occasional photos and notes from my studio on this blog.  I post on Instagram too. Be in touch. Shop local. Be well.