About Us

JNE Ceramics is a company founded on delicious food and beautiful homemade pottery. We are a husband and wife team who had this idea to create plates and bowls for specific dishes. We use local NM Clay and build our dinnerware in the heart of Albuquerque’s North Valley.  When they were first dating he asked Jenny to make him some plates so he could cook food and serve it to her. Ever since then she has been creating different shapes and sizes of vessels for the different dishes he serves. Some of their favorites are Japanese Curry, Thai Tom Kha Soup and Filipino Sinagang. And of course, homemade pasta and ravioli.

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Jenny Potter

Jenny Potter is a local art educator and artist. If she is not at school she can be found in her ceramic studio on the wheel or carving away at a piece of greenware. Jenny has an MA in Art Education from UNM and has had the pleasure to teach art students in Albuquerque from Kindergarten to Seniors in high school. The practice of teaching has inspired and changed her own art practices over the years. She is an artist of oil and acrylic paint, origami and ceramic stoneware. She will be headed back to UNM this fall to further her practice of ceramics by studying Arita Porcelain. A beautiful and highly technical porcelain practice straight from Arita, Japan.


Noah Argeanas

Noah Argeanas is a chef who has cooked all over the world including Japan and Thailand. He started in an Italian kitchen making homemade pastas and sauce as a teenager and worked his way to cooking food for the White House as a sailor. A Navy veteran and accomplished cook, it was his idea to combine his artistry of food with the beauty of Jenny’s homemade ceramic dinnerware. Noah is currently working on his book “At the Dinner Table” a reflection of his life in travel and food, while highlighting the use of his wife’s ceramic designs. He is currently running the kitchen at the Co-op in the Rio Grande Valley.